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Diamond Chrome Plating, Inc. (DCPI) is a recognized processor in Brush Cadmium Plating (Brush Cad) services. We provide a wide range of metal finishing services to aerospace & aircraft, government & defense, and select commercial industries. DCPI has process approvals from most major aerospace manufacturers (“primes”) and their top-tier suppliers (our direct customers).

Nadcap AC7108 accreditation allows us to meet AMS, military, and prime specifications/requirements and provide essential erosion protection for landing gear repair. Contact us to learn more about our precision Brush Cadmium Plating services today.

Brush Cadmium Plating Process

Brush plating is a portable method of electroplating used to apply anodized coatings and electroplated deposits in localized areas of a part without using an immersion tank. The Brush Plating (Brush Cad) process deposits a fine-grained coating that is very low in porosity and exhibits low stress and low hydrogen embrittlement, providing excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance similar to a tank plating application.

Brush Cadmium Plating Advantages

Brush Cadmium Plating is commonly used to provide advanced substrate protection for a range of industries, including aerospace, oil and gas, petrochemical, and more. The benefits associated with Brush Cadmium Plating include:

  • Enhanced corrosion protection
  • Decreased electrical contact resistance
  • Galling defense

Brush Cadmium Plating Applications

Brush Plating (Brush Cad) pinpoints plating without extensive masking or elaborate fixtures, making it ideal when only a localized area requires plating. Direct Brush Cadmium Plating applications include:

  • Aircraft Components
  • Machine Tool Components
  • Engine Components

Why Choose Diamond Chrome Plating?

DCPI offers support operations, internal tooling, and fixturing to meet your application requirements.

We strive to provide the highest quality work possible for our customers. At DCPI, we’re committed to exceeding expectations by meeting their requirements and specifications. As a company, we strive to encourage continuous improvement and open communication.

Your Trusted Source for Premium Brush Cadmium Plating

Looking for Brush Cadmium plating services that meet your application needs? DCPI delivers quality approvals, and trusted industry expertise, with lead times and pricing that match your application needs. Contact us today or request a quote to begin working with DCPI on your project.