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Diamond Chrome Plating, Inc. (DCPI) is a recognized industry leader in chemical processing (plating, coating). We provide a wide range of metal finishing services to various industries, including aerospace & aircraft, government & defense, and select commercial industries. DCPI has process approvals from most major aerospace manufacturers (“primes”) and their top-tier suppliers (our direct customers).

Erosion protection is essential in various components and Nadcap AC7108 accreditation allows us to partner with various aircraft contractors and aerospace manufacturers. Contact us to learn more about the vacuum cadmium plating process.

Vacuum Cadmium Specifications & Plating Process

Vacuum Cadmium (Vac Cad) is a coating applied to parts by the vaporization of cadmium pellets in a vacuum chamber. It is soft and has excellent corrosion resistance. When chromated, it is an excellent base for paint. Deposit thickness is generally from .0002” to .0008” depending on application and specification requirements.

Vacuum Cadmium Advantages

There are many benefits to choosing vacuum cadmium when considering plating processes. Vac Cad is generally used for critical aircraft, missiles, or ordinance hardware that are designed to operate very near their ultimate strength limits. Vac Cad is ideal for these types of parts because hydrogen is not induced into the metal, meaning hydrogen embrittlement cannot occur. The result is no reduced tensile strength.

Typical applications include landing gear components, pins, yokes, hooks, springs, and fragile components in ordnance and fuel systems.

Why Choose Diamond Chrome Plating?

We strive to provide the highest quality work possible for our customers. At Diamond Chrome Plating, we’re committed to exceeding expectations by meeting their requirements and specifications. As a company, we want to always encourage continuous improvement and open communication.

Diamond Chrome Plating has remained a consistent and essential supplier during our 70-year company history. Longevity and quality are two foundational pillars within the company. With an internal tooling department, DCPI designs and builds specific fixturing, often eliminating the need for outside engineering.

Vacuum Cadmium Processing for Commercial, Aerospace & Aviation Industries

Whether you’re wondering about our quality approvals, our expertise working with specific customers or specifications in your industry, we’re here to answer your questions. Contact us to learn more about the Vacuum Cadmium plating process or request a quote to begin working with Diamond Chrome Plating today.