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Electroless nickel plating, also referred to as EN, E-Ni, or Mid Phos, is the deposition of a nickel-phosphorous alloy onto a metal substrate without the need for an electrical current. This plating process typically eliminates the need for post-plate grinding. Contact us to learn more about the electroless nickel plating process.

Electroless Nickel Specifications & Plating Process

Electroless nickel plating is an autocatalytic process that deposits a uniform coating of phosphorous nickel on a variety of substrates. The coating, as plated, has a hardness of RC 48-52. The coating can be heat treated to achieve a hardness of RC 67.

DCPI’s application of this coating is in the Mid Phos range. The thickness of the deposit is typically .003” or less. Electroless nickel also serves as an alternative to an electrolytic process and, in most cases, will plate internal or hard-to-reach areas without the aid of expensive tooling.

At DCPI, we have two tanks to support the processing of parts generally under 4 feet long or 36 inches in diameter.

Benefits of Electroless Nickel Plating

There are many advantages to choosing electroless nickel plating. This type of coating offers excellent corrosion protection, with similar lubricity properties to plated chromium. Electroless nickel effectively coats components with seams, deep recesses, threads, complex geometries, and sharp edges. This process differs from electroplating mainly because electroless nickel does not use external electrical power.

Why Choose Diamond Chrome Plating?

DCPI has remained a consistent and essential supplier for 70 years. Quality and longevity are two foundational pillars within the company. With an internal tooling department, DCPI designs and builds specific fixturing, often eliminating the need for outside engineering.

Types of Work Processed at DCPI:

  • Aircraft Components
  • Commercial Hydraulics
  • Machine Tool Components
  • Engine Components

The Highest Quality in Electroless Nickel Processing

At DCPI, we strive to provide the highest quality work possible for our customers. We’re committed to exceeding expectations by meeting their requirements and specifications.

Whether you’re wondering about our quality approvals, our expertise working with specific customers or specifications in your industry, lead times, or pricing, we’re here to answer your questions. Contact us or request a quote to begin working with DCPI today.