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The following Processes are offered:

  • Industrial Hard Chrome
  • Precision Thin Dense Chrome
  • Electroless Nickel (Mid Phos)
  • Sulfamate Nickel
  • CadmiumLHE
  • Cadmium
  • Vacuum Cadmium
  • Passivate
  • Polishing, Blasting & other Support Operations


Please Note: Diamond Chrome Plating, Inc. does not perform Classic Car, Automotive, or Decorative Chrome Plating Services.

Our specialty is providing the above processes and capabilities to the required specifications on a timely basis with the highest regard for quality at a reasonable cost.

Diamond Chrome Plating is a customer oriented company which will work with you to meet your needs. We are very creative and have processed many difficult and unusual parts for over 60 years. We welcome all inquiries. Contact our sales staff to discuss which coating is best for you.

Please click here for a printable copy of Overview of Diamond Chrome Plating Inc. Capabilities.

Large Roll, Reworked Hydraulic Cylinder Rods and Tie Bar

Assorted Landing Gear & Components with Chrome and/or Cadmium

Impellers, Oversized I.D.'s for Grind (Salvage Operation)