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The following is a partial listing of the types of work processed at Diamond Chrome Plating:


Aircraft Components:

Landing Gear Struts, Hydraulic Servo Components, Ball Screws, Spindles, Bushings, Pins and Brackets


Commercial Hydraulics & Hydraulic Component Repair:

Piston Rods, Cylinders, Valve Spools, including rework of used components


Machine Tool Components:

Guide Rods, Ways, Air Springs, Wear Strips, Dies, and Molds


Engine Components:

2 Cycle Engine Bores, Rotary Engine Trochoid Surfaces, Crankshaft Bearing Surfaces



Smooth and Contour Faced and also with special textures for Steel Mills, Paper, Textiles and Plastics



Broaches, Gear Cutters, Milling Cutters, Punches, Dies, Molds, Drills, End Mills, Hobs, Knives, Cut-Off Blades, Reamers, Taps, Pins, Sleeves, and Guides



Rubber, Plastic